“I am sure that one of the keys to ESA’s success is team spirit: commitment but also the sympathy with which we face work activities, including difficulties, and which transforms those who work together into a real team.”

Leonardo Megli
Leonardo MegliDirector, Team Leader

“From the beginning, the spirit that has guided this group for more than 25 years was clear: resourcefulness, collaboration, the desire to grow, always throwing the heart over the obstacle, always openly, never backing down.”

Michele CorbolottiDirector, Team Leader

I joined ESA in mid-2016 and I immediately felt this pulsating desire for growth, improvement, technology… a kind of positive and irrepressible frenzy.”

Matteo Biondi
Matteo BiondiIT Manager

“I can consider ESA a second home and I hope to be able to continue to give my best contribution to its continuous development for a long time.”

Giulia Pagliai
Giulia PagliaiOffice Services, Florence

“ESA gave me the opportunity to meet special people and places, helping to enrich my professional and personal sphere, with new stimuli, regained self-esteem, the desire to get involved again, to confront each other.”

Massimo BertiniLead MEP Project Engineer

“The expansion has always scared me a little, but it seems to me that things are working out. There is a young world growing within ESA, and this is a really positive thing.”

Deborah Del Sonno
Deborah Del SonnoFire Safety Engineer

“One of the reasons why I like to stay at ESA is because I have nice people next to me. Furthermore, among colleagues we get along very well in the office, there is no competition.”

Daniele LorenziniDirector of Sustainability & Innovation Technology

“I am happy to work in ESA. I carry with me the pride of having built something beautiful. The sacrifice was substantial, but it was worth it looking at the road we have made and the one we have ahead.”

Alessandro Mauri
Alessandro MauriLead MEP Project Engineer

“Since I was a child, I dreamed of doing this job, but I didn’t imagine that I would become part of a great team with which to share satisfactions and continue to grow.”

Tiziana Guarnotta
Tiziana GuarnottaProject Manager

“It was an exciting whirlwind of professional growth and experiences in Italy and in the world, transversal experiences, made in the field of “dirty” architecture, that of the construction site, the daily and real one, which does not find space in magazines, which made up of technical challenges and management of customer requests.”

Andrea CocchiniDirector, Team Leader