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Safety at the workplace, and on construction sites in particular, is a recurring and ever topical issue. The consolidated act on safety (Legislative Decree 81 of April 9, 2008 and subsequent amendments), among other things, partially redefined the previous discipline (Legislative Decree 494 of August 14, 1996 and subsequent amendments) where , unlike what was previously provided, safety on construction sites becomes an essential requirement that must be planned where multiple companies are involved, without any exceptions.

Safety consists, schematically, of three noteworthy elements:

  • The identification and assessment of all concrete risks and the consequent preparation of suitable measures to prevent them (preventive and protective measures);
  • The education on risks and preventive and protective measures through information and signs;
  • The implementation of preventive and protective measures in relation to the anticipated risks and those that may arise in the executive stage.

Safety must be pursued, in advance, through the tools available:

  1. Safety and coordination plan
  2. Operational safety plan
  3. Alternate safety plan
  4. File with the characteristics of the work
  5. Minutes of the verifications, of the periodic meetings and of the information transmitted.

The responsible subjects and their obligations also constitute tools for safety:

  • Client;
  • Sole Procedure Manager;
  • Project Manager;
  • Safety coordinator in the design stage;
  • Safety coordinator in the execution stage;
  • Contractor, the subcontractor, the self-employed worker, the employer;
  • Technical manager or site manager;
  • Project supervisor.

ESA engineering professionals have extensive experience in health and safety and can help their customers at various levels and throughout all the design and site stages.

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