“The expansion has always scared me a little, but it seems to me that things are working out. There is a young world growing within ESA, and this is a really positive thing.”

Deborah Del Sonno
Deborah Del SonnoFire Safety Department

“Since I was a child, I dreamed of doing this job, but I didn’t imagine that I would become part of a great team with which to share satisfactions and continue to grow.”

Tiziana Guarnotta
Tiziana GuarnottaLead Electrical Engineer

“One of the reasons why I like to stay at ESA is because I have nice people next to me. Furthermore, among colleagues we get along very well in the office, there is no competition.”

Daniele LorenziniDirector of Sustainability & Innovation Technology

“A characteristic of ESA is that you don’t live in a sealed compartment, you can learn a little of everything from other departments. Over time, my skills have not only grown in the field of electrical engineering. In fact, the possibility of asking questions to colleagues entails growth in a multidisciplinary context. ”

Moreno Biassoni
Moreno BiassoniMEP Project Manager

“I am happy to work in ESA. I carry with me the pride of having built something beautiful. The sacrifice was substantial, but it was worth it looking at the road we have made and the one we have ahead.”

Alessandro Mauri
Alessandro MauriLead MEP Project Engineer

“I see this studio as a small-big family and I like to think of being part of it, of being a piece of something. I know that if I ever needed anything I would find people here I can trust. When these conditions are created, work also changes, fatigue is transformed into new energy and passion.”

Giulia Randazzo
Giulia RandazzoHead of Fire Safety Department

“It was an exciting whirlwind of professional growth and experiences in Italy and in the world, transversal experiences, made in the field of “dirty” architecture, that of the construction site, the daily and real one, which does not find space in magazines, which made up of technical challenges and management of customer requests.”

Andrea CocchiniLead Project & Construction Manager

“In ESA you always fall on your feet, you feel supported both from a technical and a human point of view, because in ESA you feel good, there are real relationships. Although we have grown, we have not lost this aspect.”

Sara LongobardiLead MEP Project Manager

“The environment that I found upon my arrival at ESA was very light and fun. We tried to feel good together. Working hours have also always been based on friendships. This is a value that I am committed to preserving.”

Antonio Basso
Antonio BassoHead of Electrical Department, Florence

“What I think, and sometimes I say, is that as long as we continue to propose ideas and not simple projects we remain very similar to what we were when it all started. We have remained consistent with ourselves, we do not sell simple products. We still have an attention that distinguishes us, and this is our strength.”

Leonardo Cefaratti
Leonardo CefarattiManaging Partner, MEP Technical Director