“I see this studio as a small-big family and I like to think of being part of it, of being a piece of something. I know that if I ever needed anything I would find people here I can trust. When these conditions are created, work also changes, fatigue is transformed into new energy and passion.”

Giulia Randazzo
Giulia RandazzoDirector, Head of Fire Safety Department

“From the first moment I became part of this beautiful reality, I “breathed” the desire for knowledge, learning and complicity, which give me the right hopes and strength to strongly believe in our abilities.”

Michele D Ambrosio
Michele D’AmbrosioHead of Architectural Services

“In ESA you always fall on your feet, you feel supported both from a technical and a human point of view, because in ESA you feel good, there are real relationships. Although we have grown, we have not lost this aspect.”

Sara LongobardiLead MEP Project Manager

“I believe that my path in ESA, which today sees me working on the side of business management, is a clear demonstration that working in ESA is a continuous stimulus to growth, exploration of new areas and improvement always to follow the challenges and achieve the objectives. that the company is born every day.”

Marco Cantini
Marco CantiniOperations Control Coordinator

“What I think, and sometimes I say, is that as long as we continue to propose ideas and not simple projects we remain very similar to what we were when it all started. We have remained consistent with ourselves, we do not sell simple products. We still have an attention that distinguishes us, and this is our strength.”

Leonardo Cefaratti
Leonardo CefarattiManaging & Technical Director

“I believe that one of our strengths lies in the ability of many different figures to focus on a common goal. Harmony, giving each other a hand to go all the way, to respect delivery times.”

Alessandro Pinna Carta
Alessandro Pinna CartaDirector, Team Leader

“From a young designer at the beginning to a project manager, as ESA grew and changed, I was given the opportunity to do so too. Every single project, like every single colleague, has enriched my professional and personal background.”

Laura Cocchini
Laura CocchiniDirector, Team Leader

“I feel proud and grateful to have grown humanly and professionally within a company that over the years has been able to evolve and transform while remaining faithful to itself and to the values that have always guided it: passion, attention to quality, fixed gaze towards the future.”

Enrico Pagliai
Enrico PagliaiMEP BIM Department

“I am sure that one of the keys to ESA’s success is team spirit: commitment but also the sympathy with which we face work activities, including difficulties, and which transforms those who work together into a real team.”

Leonardo Megli
Leonardo MegliDirector, Team Leader

“From the beginning, the spirit that has guided this group for more than 25 years was clear: resourcefulness, collaboration, the desire to grow, always throwing the heart over the obstacle, always openly, never backing down.”

Michele CorbolottiDirector, Team Leader