Sustainability policy

ESA engineering bases its growth strategy by recognizing the primary importance of elements such as ethics and integrity of behaviour, attention to the customer, the enhancement of people and innovation, concepts necessarily integrated with each other, in order to create an interdependent relationship of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The Sustainability Policy, together with the Code of Ethics, outlines the corporate values, the code of conduct to be followed in carrying out the activities and defines the principles that guide ESA in contributing, through its business, to creation of a model of sustainable development. ESA believes that correct, transparent and responsible conduct increases and protects the identity and reputation of the brand over time. These are prerequisites for sustainable business development aimed at creating and protecting the value chain for all Stakeholders.

ESA is also a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) since 2017. The organization’s goal is to transform the way buildings and communities are designed, built and managed. The US Green Building Council is committed to a sustainable future.

Objectives and scope of application

The Sustainability Policy formalizes principles, styles of behaviour and objectives of the corporate culture to improve its results in terms of sustainability and to aim at the continuous improvement of the sensitivity of all the people who work in ESA. The commitment to raise awareness and make people aware of the importance of adopting responsible behaviour in the management of relevant social, environmental and governance issues constitutes our Sustainability Commitment.

ESA has thus identified its own principles of Sustainability within this Policy with the intention of being able to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), defined by the UN in the 2030 Agenda.

The Policy, for uniformity of intents and objectives, applies to E.S.A. engineering S.r.l. and it is acknowledged and applied by all and other companies of the group in harmony with the Code of Ethics.

Recipients of this document are the shareholders, employees, collaborators, customers and suppliers and in general all those who, directly or indirectly, permanently or temporarily, establish relationships and relationships with the Company, each within the scope of their particular functions and responsibility. The Company recommends its suppliers to adopt the principles and provisions contained in this document, where applicable.

ESA's principles of sustainability

ESA intends to base its activities according to increasingly sustainable and socially responsible approaches summarized in the following principles on which the Sustainability Policy is based:

Ethics and integrity

ESA recognizes compliance with the laws, regulations and regulations in force in all the countries in which it works as a fundamental principle of its operations. The Policy does not replace the national or international laws in force in the countries in which the Company carries out its business activity, but constitutes a document that reinforces the principles contained in these sources within the corporate ethics and in its concretization.

Recipients are therefore required to comply with the rules of the legal system (national, supranational or foreign) in which they operate and must in any case refrain from committing violations of laws and regulations. Each Recipient must diligently inform and know the laws applicable to the performance of their functions, as in force at the time and the rules and principles of conduct contained in the Company’s Policy and Code of Ethics.

Each resource observes, in addition to the general principles of diligence and loyalty referred to in art. 2104 of the Civil Code also the behavioural prescriptions contained in the applicable national collective agreements and in the company regulations.

ESA undertakes to carry out its business activities in compliance with high ethical standards, rejecting any act of corruption and operating in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations on the subject, at national and international level.

With this in mind, ESA has adopted its own Code of Ethics, which defines the ethical principles that ESA’s Stakeholders must abide by and which provides the tools for the fight against corruption and its prevention.

ESA has provided for the introduction of a channel useful for reporting (so-called “Whistleblowing”) of any cases of corruption, discrimination or similar irregularities. Failure by a Recipient to report a known or alleged illegal action of which he or she has become aware, will, in itself, subject the same to possible sanctioning consequences.

Reporters are guaranteed protection from any form of retaliation, discrimination or penalization, without prejudice to legal obligations and the protection of the rights of the Company or individuals in the event of instrumental use or in bad faith of a report.

Reports can be made anonymously using the appropriate form for reporting violations available at this page.

Resource value

ESA’s success is based on the strategic skills and professional technical skills of its collaborators, on the wide range of consulting services offered throughout the life cycle of the building with a view to sustainability.

The quality of ESA’s services, perceived and recognized by the various interlocutors, also depends on the quality of the work and the motivation of its people. Interpersonal relationships between colleagues are based on respect for the principles of loyalty, collaboration and transparency. ESA also provides for its resources an adequate development of skills through the provision of effective training, career paths based on the merit of resources and an objective system of performance evaluation.

ESA protects its resources, ensuring a work environment that aims at inclusiveness, discouraging episodes of discrimination, exploitation, bullying and / or harassment. Furthermore, ESA, in full compliance with current privacy legislation, informs the staff of the nature of the personal data being processed, to ensure appropriate confidentiality.

ESA supports gender equality by taking a stand against any gender discrimination or sexual orientation. We are convinced that it is not only a fundamental human right, but the necessary condition for a faster and more prosperous development of our society as well. ESA guarantees full and effective female participation and equal opportunities for growth and leadership.

ESA undertakes to guarantee the healthiness and safety of the various work environments in which its resources perform professional services, not only through a scrupulous management of the physical offices of the offices, but also through a growing attention in identifying the best services and the most effective tools to support their resources even in smart / remote working situations.

We support the sustainability strategy in all Group companies by spreading a sense of responsibility in corporate conduct and practices. Recipients must adopt ethical and professional behaviour, even outside the workplace and working hours, that cannot harm the Company, its reputation and image. The collaborative spirit represents not only an essential tool for the success of the Company but also a means by which cohesion between people and the creation of an environment inspired by the principles of equality and mutual respect can be achieved.

The hiring of staff must take place solely on the basis of the candidates’ profiles in relation to business needs; hiring in exchange for favour or other advantages for oneself and / or for ESA is prohibited. All resources must perform their duties in compliance with the principles and procedures of this Policy as well as national and international legislation, collective bargaining, company regulations and the Code of Ethics adopted by ESA.

Centrality of the customer

Professionalism, competence, availability and ethical behaviour represent the guiding principles that ESA implements in relations with customers, with a view to collaboration and continuous support, in order to ensure the satisfaction and trust of its business partners.

ESA is committed to creating value for customers, understanding their needs and expectations, responding to their needs through concrete solutions and quality advice.

Customer satisfaction and centrality is essential for ESA, which is committed to establishing lasting relationships and collaborations of value for both, combining experience with the ability to anticipate market trends and change.

ESA adopts a responsible approach to managing the flow of data and information, which are received constantly and continuously by customers. Customer privacy is ensured by the adoption of high standards of data protection and security.

Transparency and objectivity are the key principles of ESA’s commercial and communication policies, which provide for the dissemination of information through specific tools and ad hoc channels.


ESA is aware that innovation is a key factor for stimulating sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

ESA’s commitment in offering its services to customers has always been based on innovation. ESA, aware of the importance of integrating innovation and sustainability within its business model, has set up the Research & Development department which is primarily committed to innovation towards eco-efficiency and therefore to the modification and in the improvement of processes aimed at reducing the impact of ESA on the surrounding environment.

Environmental Commitment

ESA is sensitive to the issue of environmental protection and responsible management of natural resources.

It undertakes to guide its choices in order to ensure compatibility between business activities and respect for the environment. ESA intends to play an active role in the dissemination of responsible behaviour and the challenges that may arise in the short and long term from an environmental point of view. To improve its performance with reference to environmental impact, ESA has identified specific areas of intervention, which aim at the integrated reduction of the direct and indirect environmental impact of its business and the active contribution to a sustainable growth model.

ESA is committed to favouring forms of sustainable procurement of resources and services, choosing suppliers selected also on the basis of their performance in terms of environmental and social sustainability, as well as economy and efficiency.

ESA also implements concrete actions aimed at reducing energy consumption and emissions produced, also related to the mobility of its professionals. As part of the activities that take place within the company offices, ESA is committed to the management of waste through separate collection and the reduction of waste, in particular of plastic.

Furthermore, ESA is committed to reducing waste related to printing: ink, waste of paper, fine dust, energy consumption have a very significant environmental impact. The company applies the rule “do I really need to print it?” and digital storage media and systems are preferred.

The LEED, BREEAM, WELL energy certifications that the designed buildings achieve are also a consequence of the attention to energy saving and the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere that ESA engineering has always reserved for projects.

Support for the community

For the purposes of responsible management of its business, ESA wants to contribute to the creation of value for the community, together with maintaining the economic balance and respecting the territory.

As a concrete symbol of its commitment to the society in which it operates, ESA promotes initiatives and actions in support of different associations and organizations active in heterogeneous fields.

In particular, these initiatives are carried out in actions to improve the living conditions of the community through donations and fundraising towards non-profit organizations engaged in worthy initiatives.

This Policy has been approved by the Board of Managing Directors.

The document will be subject to review and / or modification whenever it is necessary to make an adjustment with respect to substantial changes in E.S.A.’s business or Sustainability strategy.