A Sustainable Building Design For a More Sustainable Future

In everything we do, we keep in mind the legacy we are leaving in our wake for future generations, as our glorious predecessors did. We want to preserve, in our field, the genius and the quality that have always distinguished Italian creations around the world. Therefore, we are proud to add a bit of this “Italian touch”, which is synonymous with quality and passion in all of our projects

Walking down the streets of Florence, Brunelleschi’s buildings and Leonardo da Vinci’s creations remind us that what we build now will remain for those who come after us. This is why we feel a great responsibility to create eco-sustainable buildings, fully integrated within their surrounding environments, with no energy wasted.

Zero waste engineering, emission reduction

For every building project, ESA engineering’s professionals are committed to deepening their knowledge of the architectural and geographical context in which they are going to be operating.

We work closely in partnership with the Clients and Professionals involved in the project, with the aim of maximising the full potential of a building whether this be a new venture or a pre-existing one. We are proud to provide our Clients with zero waste innovative services, in line with the latest requirements in terms of energy consumption and emissions reduction. We help them to identify all opportunities, regarding maximum utilization of existing resources, energy savings and budget control. We put every effort into greener designs striving to be in line with the EU 20-20-20 emissions reduction targets.

We work today for future generations

Green Buildings

Green Building

We help you create Green Buildings

The concept of sustainability and smart building – using renewable energy sources, adopting building automation technology to reduce consumption and pollution emissions – must be adopted to meet environmental and climate change goals.

Our experts can encourage the Customers to take on the challenge of “Building Sustainability” through the processes of sustainability certifications, such as LEED, BREEAM or other sustainability protocols.

Building Retrofitting

Evolving through Recovering: our experience in building retrofitting

Given the world’s inevitable decline in resources and green areas, true renewal means recovering what already exists. Retrofitting is a crucial process in preserving the original aesthetics and ambience of the city, but simultaneously allows for the evolution of original buildings into more modern and sustainable constructions.

We have extensive experience in building retrofitting, in both commercial and industrial contexts, and we guarantee full efficiency, while respecting the existing background and historical constraints.

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