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Specialist Construction Supervision

The Specialist Construction Supervision being in charge of the direction and technical control of the specialized works/designs (electrical systems, mechanical systems, fire prevention systems, lighting, structures, acoustics, etc.), can take on the following responsibilities:

  1. impart the contractual provisions required by the contractor and all companies involved;
  2. ensure that the works are carried out in compliance with the project and the contract;
  3. report the technical and economic aspects to the Direzione Lavori Generale;
  4. assume responsibility for the acceptance of the necessary materials, in compliance with the technical standards;
  5. check the work time schedule;
  6. convene operational meetings with the Client, with the Contractor and/or with the companies/subcontractors
  7. manage contacts with service providers
  8. support the Direzione Lavori generale (PM, Cost controller, Quantity surveyor)

The figure of the Specialist Construction Supervisor is not mandatory, unlike the Direttore dei Lavori Generale, however it is increasingly used as a specific support to ensure that technical projects are implemented in a timely and smooth manner.

The Specialist Construction Supervisor reports to the client (coordinating with the Direttore Lavori Generale if necessary) whose interests they must work for during the contract, carrying out the contractual provisions and giving technical instructions for the execution of the works.

The role of the Specialist Construction Supervisor consists in the strict surveillance of the works they are responsible for, which do not require continuous presence, but implies ensuring the specialized works are carried out in its various stages, checking the compliance of the materials used and any damage to third parties .

The Specialist Construction Supervisor is responsible for the correct execution of the works and ensures the specialist work is carried out without construction defects and in compliance with the contract. They cannot eschew the responsibility of issuing the appropriate service instructions or technical instructions for the project.


The Specialist Construction Supervisor therefore must:

  1. ensure full compliance with the progressive construction of system engineering works;
  2. ensure that the materials and components the contractor/subcontractor brings on site are suitable and match the specifications required by the contract;
  3. immediately report any circumstances that may affect the correct execution to the client.

Design & Construction supervision

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