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Direzione Lavori Generale

The Direzione Lavori checks the correct execution of the works on behalf of the Client, who, before the start of the works, identifies the figure of the Direttore Lavori and, if required, in relation to the size, type and complexity of the operation, one or more assistants to the Direttore Lavori and Direttore Lavori Operativo (DLO) for specific works. (For example DLO for Structures, Systems, Gardens, Environmental Mitigation Works, etc.). The role of Direttore Lavori can also include that of Safety Coordinator.

the role of Direttore Lavori  is mandatory for building operations subject to a building permit or for those requiring affidavit statements of the works, in compliance with the authorizations required by It.Presidential Decree 6 June 2001, no. 380 for structural works affected by the Technical Regulations for Buildings.

The Direttore Lavori  reports to the client whose interests they must work for during the contract, ensuring the contractor complies with the contractual provisions and issues the necessary technical instructions for the execution of the works in a workmanlike manner according to the project designs and the relevant special tender specifications.
The role of Direttore Lavori  consists in strict surveillance of the works, which while not requiring continuous and daily presence on site, implies ensuring that the work is carried out in its various stage and, therefore, the obligation to verify – through periodic inspections and direct contacts with the technical bodies of the company, to be carried out in relation to each of these stages – whether the state of the art and compliance of the materials used have been observed or if any damage has been caused to third parties due to negligent conduct.

The Direttore Lavori  must:

  • Coordinate and supervise the activity of any assistants to the Direzione Lavori and discuss exclusively with the Contractor regarding the technical and economic aspects of the contract and with the Client;
  • Ensure full compliance of the gradual implementation of the work with the contracted project as well as in a workmanlike manner with respect to building techniques;
  • Ascertain that the materials the contractor brings on site to be installed, are suitable and match the specifications required by the contract;
  • Immediately report to the client (or their representative) any circumstances that may affect the correct execution of the work in order to allow to immediate take the necessary measures.
  • Set up operational meetings with the Client, with the Contractor, with the DLO, with the Safety Coordinator, etc.
  • Monitor the work to verify its quality and consistency with the preliminary project;
  • Review the site documents and the specific project elements;
  • Periodically check that the contractor has the documentation required by the laws in force regarding obligations towards employees;
  • Issue instructions, changes and modification orders;
  • Evaluate/negotiate project changes;
  • Issue payment certificates;
  • Prepare construction defect lists

The administrative-accounting documents for the verification of the works and subcontracted services that the Direzione Lavori must produce are:

  • The site report;
  • The measurement booklets of the processes and supplies;
  • The accounting register;
  • The summary of the accounting register;
  • The progress of the works;
  • The certificates for the payment of the instalments;
  • The final bill and the relevant report.

Once the works are complete, following the communication by the Company, the Direttore Lavori shall contact the Contractor to ascertain the effective completion of all works within the contractual terms, on the basis of the date indicated in the Acceptance report of the works and of the new deferred deadlines following any additional changes.

A list of “faults” ascertained during the inspection (Verification Report or “snagging list”) may be attached to the Works Completion Notice, which the contractor is required to provide within the maximum time, which will be established by the Direzione Lavori. Only upon resolving all faults reported by the Direzione Lavori and following verification of correct installation and operation of building and systems components, the Direzione Lavori in consultation with the Company will carry out a new inspection visit to certify the effective execution of all the works, drafting the Inspection report and Certificate of Regular Execution for this purpose.
With the issuance of the Certificate of Regular Execution, under the provisions of the specifications, the Direttore Lavori shall draw up the Final Bill Report, the true final document of the inspection activity, with which the P.M. also authorises the Client to pay the guarantee withholdings to the Company.

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