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Fire Protection Design

In accordance with the legislation of the country in which we operate, we carry out a preliminary analysis of the fire protection requirements for materials and coatings. We collaborate with the architect in charge in order to ensure the project complies with fire prevention regulations.

We are in constant contact with the local Fire Brigade and Civil Protection offices and are able to manage all the submission/approval steps, in collaboration with the Local Architect, in order to obtain all the pre-validation and final validation documents. The affidavit and certification documents obtained are usually provided to the Client.

Specifically, the Fire protection design includes:

  • Preliminary assessment including the status of the permits
  • Determining the fire load
  • Drafting of tables and calculations relating to fire prevention design (in accordance with Italian, French, British, NFPA, International Fire & Building Code)
  • Approval of materials in relation to fire resistance requirements
  • Design of fireproof structures
  • SCIA VVF (for Italy)
  • Permits from the Fire Brigade (for Italy)
  • Permits with derogation from the Fire Brigade (for Italy)
  • Supervision of the works relating to fire prevention interventions
  • Commissioning of fire prevention systems
  • Fire prevention certifications of Structures / Materials
  • Fire prevention declaration/Affidavit upon work completion (for Italy)
  • Smoke extraction project (according to French and UNI regulations)
  • Smoke extraction project (through smoke dynamic modelling system)
  • Renewal of fire prevention authorisations (for Italy)
  • Test of fire prevention systems for the renewal of the fire prevention authorisation (for Italy)

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