Procurement Management

The Procurement Phase involves the analysis of the contractual bidding documents and the calling and letting of the GCs for the construction works that the client will point out.
The Procurement Phase shall include:

  1. Pre-validation and selection of new GCs
  2. Pre-qualifying tenders – Assistance in preparing the “Invitation Letters”
  3. Calling tenders and meeting for the first explanation of the projects to all GCs
  4. Collection of the bidders’ proposals
  5. Evaluation tenders, including units price analysis – evaluation of the design alternatives & Value Engineering
  6. Negotiation with preferred bidders
  7. Recommendation of tenders acceptance to client

ESA engineering will identify and inform the client of a number of contractors that are considered appropriate and competent to undertake the Construction Works in accordance with the Project Specifications (“bidders”). In identifying prospective bidders, ESA engineering will verify their qualifications and ability to perform the Construction Work, taking into particular consideration:

  1. their experience in undertaking high-quality retail construction projects;
  2. their ability and commitment to complete the Works in accordance with the Project Timetable;
  3. that they hold all permits and the necessary authorizations to undertake such Works;
  4. that they have adequate insurance in relation to the risks of the Boutique Project to be undertaken by them.

During this phase, ESA engineering will commit to:

  1. Analyze and technically assess all bids promptly during the bid period;
  2. Verify their compliance with the Tender Letter and the Project Specifications;
  3. Assess and advise the client whether each Bidder appears to have carefully considered the Project Specifications, made all the necessary calculations and has taken into account all the costs, contingencies, risks, and other conditions associated with the Construction Works;
  4. Verify that the bidder accepts and complies with the client’s General Contractor Requirements;
  5. Verify and confirm with the client that the bidder agrees to comply with the Construction Completion Date and the Handover Date and all other obligations in the Project Specifications, General Contract Requirements and/or other requirements and has signed all necessary documents.


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