Our Policy

ESA engineering is a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm operating internationally in the field of MEP Design, Project Management for Retail and Fit Out Projects and many other specialist Consulting Services regarding Lighting, Acoustic, Fire Safety, Structural design for residential and commercial buildings.

Our professionals, during each phase of the project, from planning and designing to the subsequent construction and maintenance phase, pay particular attention to the use of sustainable resources and respect for the established budgets. We are working on a wide range of projects around the world. Thanks to an international network of professionals, we guarantee our presence on site during each phase of the project.

The ESA engineering Board, through the implementation of a management system, according to the international standards ISO 9001 2015 ed. and ISO 14001 2015 ed., intends to pursue the following main purposes:

1. Allow the company to grow and consolidate its position on the market by acquiring new Customers and retaining Customers already in the portfolio. The achievement of service quality standards, with the propensity to protect the environment and achieve adequate customer satisfaction levels, are essential elements in this regard, which can be pursued through:

  • The continuous growth of specialist knowledge and technical experience as indispensable tools to provide the Customer with the answer to every design and consultancy request.
  • Compliance with applicable legal requirements and other signed requirements, In relation to the environment and the services provided.
  • Systematic monitoring of the performance and effectiveness of processes and environmental aspects of activities.
  • The prevention of pollution and any non-compliance related to the environmental impact.
  • Monitoring and continuous improvement of environmental performances.
  • The prevention and reduction of possible environmental risks resulting from new activities, available technologies and emergency situations.
  • The involvement, information and continuous training of internal staff and suppliers in terms of quality and environmental impact.
  • The commitment to systematically monitor the environmental aspects related to the activities and the consequent changes on the environment, with particular reference to the environmental aspects and impacts, direct and indirect, deriving from the services provided.
  • The continuous improvement of the integrated quality and environment management system.
  • Maintaining open and constructive relationships with the Public Administration, entities, communities and individuals who have a legitimate interest in the Company’s environmental performance.
  • The ability to perform an effective analysis of specific intervention situations and to identify customized, effective and complete solutions aimed at assisting the Customer in identifying and defining the necessary services.
  • The diversification and coordination of the services provided in the various areas (MEP systems, structures, energy, lighting, acoustics, fire prevention and safety), such as to allow the Company to respond to every customer request, from the feasibility project and related estimate of investment to more complex design activities, up to the construction management of the works and the handover and close-out phase.
  • The ability to work in synergy with the Customer and with multidisciplinary working groups (architecture, retail design, structural engineering, etc.) characteristic of complex projects.

2. Support for the constant evolution of the organizational structure through the definition of roles, responsibilities and tools for technical-operational management and control of the service delivery process.

3. Optimization in the use of company resources and support for the training process of human resources through adequate tools for analyzing and evaluating available skills, as well as planning and controlling growth paths.

Our Mission

A Sustainable Building Design For a More Sustainable Future

Everything we build is a heritage to be handed down to future generations.

We want to preserve, in our sector of activity, the genius and quality that have always distinguished Italian creations all over the world.

We are proud that a bit of that famous “Italian touch” is always recognizable in our projects, which is synonymous with quality and passion.

Walking through the streets of Florence, Brunelleschi’s works and Leonardo da Vinci’s creations remind us that what we build today will remain for those who come after us. We feel a great responsibility: to create eco-sustainable buildings, well integrated into the surrounding environment, in a mutual exchange of energies where nothing is wasted.

Join our Team!

Thanks to our people, we are becoming a significant company on an international level.