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Sustainability Certifications

The term Green Building (also known as green housing) refers to a structure that has been built in compliance with ecologically sustainable processes. It is efficient in the use of resources throughout its life cycle: from the choice of location to the design stages, from construction to disposal of waste materials, from its operation to maintenance. 

The environmental sustainability certifications require close collaboration within the design team throughout all stages of the project. These certifications are the tools that enable the constructor to declare the performance and environmental impact of a building on the territory and should not be confused with the energy certification (DEC or APE)which has also become mandatory in Italy a few years ago. 

Energy Audit, management & consumption is only a part of the aspects involved. Achieving environmental certifications requires, in fact, a multidisciplinary consultancy specialised in the design of sustainable, efficient and innovative buildings, which considers the impact of the construction on the environment and on human health, with a broader perspective, which includes the implementation, maintenance and future development of the building. 

ESA engineering is among the first Italian engineering companies accredited for the provision of consulting services for the WiredScore certification, thanks to the presence of WiredScore AP certified engineers in the team. Through this certification, ESA engineering is able to support customers in the design of buildings compliant with digital connectivity requirements, guaranteeing a design that focuses on the quality of digital infrastructures to ensure maximum speed and efficiency at the service of future tenants. WIRED Certification enables the client to prevent future costs of adapting to future generation technologies and can be considered, in this sense, part of the building sustainability, making it more attractive on the market. 

ESA engineering has a proven experience with the most famous sustainability standards related to the design and construction of complex buildings, and supports its clients in the process of choosing the most suitable certification for their real needs, as in the subsequent achievement of the environmental certification. .

As of June 2017, ESA engineering is registered as a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The organization’s goal is to transform the way buildings and communities are designed, built and managed. The US Green Building Council is committed to a sustainable future through the LEED programme.

Thanks to its activities, it aims to promote and accelerate the spread of a sustainable building culture, guiding the market transformation and raise awareness of public opinion and institutions on the impact that building design and construction methods have on the quality of life of citizens. 

We follow major worldwide certification bodies: 

e molti altri.


The principles of sustainability can be applied to all phases of a building’s design. Our services include policies and strategies that can help save energy, obtain efficient systems, minimize environmental impact and limit the consumption of exhaustible natural resources in order to preserve them.