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Design and Construction Supervision

The Design and Construction Supervision are our core business. Our professionals are at the customer’s side during each phase of the project, with particular attention to the use of sustainable resources and within the budget. Our international network allows us to manage a growing number of projects in Italy and worldwide.

The design of MEP systems has been part of the consultancy services provided by ESA engineering since its foundation.

The MEP design is structured on the following main stages:

  • Schematic Design – Based on the architectural concept and the shared objectives, a schematic design of the technological systems is drawn up, detailed in the categories chapter, which concerns the general architectural aspects of the system, the identification of technical spaces and rooms as well as the constraint elements with regard to the other subjects involved.
  • Development Design – The development design is drawn up based on the architectural drawings approved in the preliminary stage. The project documentation required for administrative purposes (Ministerial Decree 37/08) and to issue permits is drawn up
  • Executive Design – The executive design incorporates the changes and insights required to draw up projects useful for the tender with levels of definition that allow the works to be quoted. The considerations that emerged in the previous design stages and based on the updated and final architectural drawings act as inputs for the design of technological systems.
  • Construction Supervision – The construction supervision activity includes site inspections and participation in coordination meetings, verifying the execution of the projects.

In recent years, ESA engineering has consolidated its multidisciplinary approach, expanding the range of services it provides to its customers. BIM modelling, initially only linked to MEP design, was also applied to architectural modelling in the BIM integrated Design service.

In order to meet the growing demand from its customers for “turnkey” services, especially in the retail sector, ESA engineering has specialised in providing Executive Architectural Design or Architectural Project Engineering services. Similarly, the ESA has integrated specialised professionals into its team, also able to provide, with the customary professionalism, structural design services, project management specialists and a whole set of specialist activities and consultancy to obtain a thorough and functional assistance.

Lastly, ESA engineering has professionals available who are specialised in Direzione Lavori Generale and in Safety consultancy (Safety coordinator in the design and execution phases).

Design & Construction supervision

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ESA engineering professionals can design and supervise the construction or renovation of a building throughout all its stages, from the feasibility study to the actual construction and final testing. Integrated design is our first strength. If you wish to find out more about our services or to talk to us about your project

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