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BIM Integrated Design

At ESA engineering we make use of BIM design to coordinate the management of complex projects. The Building Information Modelling (known as BIM) is an innovative design approach that includes the generation and management of digital representations of the physical and functional characteristics of a building. The resulting information models become shared strategic resources to support the decision-making process. The BIM design follows the entire construction process, starting from the early concept stages, through the design and construction stages leading to the system operational stage and potential decommissioning.

In the building industry, BIM design is known as a 7D technology:

  • 3D(space)
  • 4D(Programming – Outline the changes that take place in the various stages)
  • 5D(Estimate – Register the units and update the total costs in case of any changes)
  • 6D(sustainability)
  • 7D(life cycle analysis and maintenance)

The use of BIM design goes beyond the planning and design stage: it extends throughout the life cycle of the building and supports its relevant processes, including cost and construction stage management, project management and system operations.

Architectural, structural and MEP designers are required to work in a coordinated manner, in order to avoid overlapping. The Building Information Modelling is useful to detect problems from the initial stage, as it allows the identification of any discrepancies in the project, highlighting them in their exact position.

The adoption of the BIM approach brings significant advantages with respect to other systems: up to 30% time savings during the construction stage and up to 40% less errors during the design stage.

These results can be achieved when the entire project team (client / architect / structural designer and MEP engineers) uses BIM technologies. For all these reasons, in the coming years most projects will migrate from CAD to BIM and will benefit from significant time savings during their implementation.

Design & Construction supervision

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ESA engineering stages can supervise the design of a building throughout all its phases, effectively coordinating all factors involved in the design. All stages of the design that follow the evolution of the concept, from the feasibility study to the actual implementation and construction, are part of the construction consultancy services.

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