“Today ESA is a laboratory of ideas projected towards the future, there are all the conditions to continue this dream, we want to continue to grow and improve every day. We have the skills, the means and above all the mentality to do it. The generational change is also ready for this challenge, guaranteeing continuity to the project and ensuring that it is always in step with the times or, if possible, a step forward.”

Francesco Gori

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The ability to adapt to technological, cultural and social changes is a determining factor in remaining competitive in a world that is increasingly hyper-connected, globalised and constantly evolving. Thanks to ESA LAB we are able to open a dialogue between different sectors, different work approaches, distant generations. The internal training courses allow us to learn from each other, improving everyone’s skills, and tackling the changes resulting from technological innovation together.

“Somebody asks me: what does ESA represent today? I would say that it aims to be a platform for young people and people who wish to get involved…visionaries, people who never give up, people who seek new challenges and are willing to make new mistakes.”

Leonardo Gori


An industrial research and experimental development project.
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