Feasibility Studies

The feasibility study (technical and economic feasibility project) defines a new project proposal, outlining the execution plan and estimating the resources required. It is a useful tool when a project, due to its economic aspect or complexity, requires an in-depth study before beginning its implementation. The study outlines an analysis of the characteristics, costs, expectations starting from a preliminary project and aims to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the project, identifying opportunities and risks.

The feasibility study presupposes the evaluation of different project alternatives, which may be consistent with the fundamental project objectives, so as to be able to select those with a lower risk profile.

A pre-feasibility study is defined as a feasibility study having a preliminary definition, useful to decide whether to proceed with the necessary in-depth studies. A pre-feasibility study enables the client to pre-select promising initiatives in the development stage of your portfolio of opportunities and projects.

Specialist activities and consultancy

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Thanks to the broad technical knowledge of its professionals and the multidisciplinary spirit of its structure, ESA engineering is able to provide specialised consultancy services to direct the Customer towards the solutions most suited to them. We achieve the best results in complex projects and provide unique and customised solutions.

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