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For years ESA engineering has integrated a team of architects and designers into its workforce to support its customers in all phases of design, development and implementation of projects, accepting their intrinsic possibilities and respecting the context in which they are inserted.. 

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Lighting design is a discipline that combines purely technical aspects with perceptual aspects related to the world of architecture and design. The perception of internal and external space is given by the way in which light hits objects. The same space is shaped by natural lighting during the day and artificial lighting during the night, so that the user can dynamically grasp sensory and plastic differences over time.

ESA engineering makes care and attention to detail its founding values, placing user comfort in all its aspects as its ultimate goal. This aim cannot be separated from a multidisciplinary approach, which embraces MEP design, safety and energy issues, integrating them fully into architectural projects. The natural evolution of this design vision finds its apex in lighting design, which represents the fusion of form and matter, physics and sensoriality, visual task and design.

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Our team includes over 300 specialized professionals. The multidisciplinary nature of our structure allows us to achieve the best results and at the same time offer a wide range of services to our customers.

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Our Team

The department dedicated to lighting design was born in 2014 in Milan. Over the years, lighting design has taken on an increasingly important role. The team, made up of specialized architects and designers, knows how to enhance the perception of an identity, giving places the ability to tell a story. Light has its own language that guides the observer’s gaze in reading the spaces.

With more than 120 lighting design projects under their belt, of which more than 70 have already been completed, our professionals pay particular attention to the care of every detail, with the user experience and comfort as the final goal.

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ESA engineering boasts a team of specialized architects and lighting designers, able to support our customers in all phases of the conception, development and implementation of Lighting Design projects, enhancing their peculiar characteristics and the context in which they are inserted. Contact us for more details.
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