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Our team dedicated to Lighting Design is one of the key factors to the success of our projects.

Lighting design is a discipline that combines purely technical aspects with perceptual aspects linked to the world of architecture and design. The perception of internal and external space is affected by the way in which light hits objects. The same space is shaped by natural lighting during the day and artificial lighting during the night, so that the user can dynamically perceive sensory and plastic differences over time.
ESA engineering makes thoroughness and attention to detail one of its founding values, placing user comfort in all its aspects as the ultimate goal. This purpose cannot be separated from a multidisciplinary approach, which embraces system engineering, safety and energy issues, fully integrating them into architectural projects. The natural evolution of this design vision culminates in lighting design, which represents the joining of form and matter, physics and sensoriality, visual task and design.

Architectural lighting design focuses on three key aspects of the lighting of buildings and spaces.

  • First of all, the aesthetic impact of a building, particularly relevant in the lighting of commercial activities. The choices of our lighting designers, to improve the general appearance of the building, vary in relation to the emotions that the lighting design project aims to inspire, determining whether the building in question must integrate into the background or, on the other hand, stand out from it.
  • The ergonomic-functional aspect follows. Our designers carefully evaluate the strategies to make the lighting project clearly visible (especially at night, but also during the day), the impact of sunlight, any safety problems (dazzling, colour confusion, etc.) and all other relevant related aspects.
  • Lastly, our lighting designers take energy efficiency into account: the energy used for lighting must not be wasted due to excess lighting, illuminating unused spaces or providing more light than needed simply for aesthetic purposes.

Specifically our Lighting Design includes

  • Definition of the placement and quantity of light sources, indicating the aiming of the projectors, if required;
  • Evaluation of the existing lighting system, the performance of the luminaires and the quality of the light sources. Criticality analysis and proposal of lighting solutions;
  • Analysis of the colour rendering index, colour components, colour temperature and spectrum of the light source
  • Calculation of artificial and natural lighting by producing graphic representations and analytical reports;
  • Photographic and rendering simulations;
  • Design Report Criteria / Strategy;
  • Definition / Consultancy on lighting areas / Scenarios;
  • General lighting design;
  • Illuminated display units design (Furniture);
  • Façade Lighting Design;
  • Landscape lighting design;
  • Assistance in choosing the manufacturer;
  • Electrical design for illuminated display units;
  • Supervision of the works;
  • Final testing, focusing and balance.

Specialist activities and consultancy

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ESA engineering boasts a team of specialised architects and lighting designers, able to support our customers throughout all stages of the conception, development and implementation of Lighting Design projects, enhancing their peculiar characteristics and the context they are placed in.

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