Due Diligence & Code Analysis

The technical consultants of ESA engineering can assist in the evaluation of the potential and risks from multiple points of view as early as prior to the design of a building. The results of our feasibility studies suggest the design choices to be made to the client.

The Due Diligence enables us to verify the compliance of the systems and structural characteristics of a building and consists of a fundamental technical investigation of the building/area.

The Due Diligence usually includes the following activities:

  1. Evaluation of the site/contract
  2. Investigation of technological systems and existing structures
  3. Preliminary geotechnical investigation
  4. Environmental status Evaluation
  5. Evaluation of planning constraints
  6. Evaluation of the reference regulatory framework, consisting of laws, statutes, regulations that may affect the project. This task may include a first contact with the competent authorities in order to take suitable preliminary decisions on technical/planning requirements etc.
  7. Definition with the client of the most appropriate form to deliver the project (contractor procurement)
  8. Preliminary estimates

At the same time ESA engineering is able to provide, in combination with Due Diligence, regulatory analysis in the system, structural, acoustic and fire prevention fields, providing the buyer with a detailed assessment of the potential investment.


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Our Management services are aimed at an effective coordination of people and management of resources to achieve the set objectives, studied on the needs and requests of the client.

An effective Management activity is able to guide human resources to the achievement of the objectives and plan and organise economic and technological resources to create efficient systems.

Our professionals boast international experience in terms of innovative technologies and solutions.

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