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The WiredScore Certification

WiredScore is a recent certification related to digital connectivity, which assesses the quality and resilience of digital infrastructure in buildings. The WiredScore certification was developed in America in 2013 by WiredScore.

WiredScore owns and manages the WiredScore certification, a digital connectivity rating scheme that acts as an independent benchmark and provides owners with insights to improve their building’s digital infrastructure. WiredScore certifies residential and commercial buildings, awarding a certification score based on five criteria.

Our planners in the MEP Design department have experience with WiredScore building certification procedures. We also provide the services of Professionisti Accreditati WiredScore.

WiredScore Certification

During the WiredScore certification process, a project earns points based on the results and performance achieved in various areas of interest, thanks to the design and operational strategies implemented, reaching one of the four certification levelsCertified, SilverGoldPlatinum.

The 5 criteria at the base of the WiredScore certification are:

  • TENANT EXPERIENCE– Does the building provide tenants with a seamless digital connectivity experience?
  • RELIABILITY– Are potential outages mitigated through thoughtfully-considered infrastructure planning?
  • POWER OF CHOICE– Do multiple high-speed fibre providers service the building and provide competitive pricing?
  • FUTURE-READINESS– Is there flexibility and capacity to adapt to new technology?
  • SECURITY– Is critical equipment protected from accidental or environmental disruption?

Consultancy for WiredScore certification

ESA engineering is among the first Italian engineering companies accredited for the provision of consulting services for the WiredScore Certifcation. Thanks to this certification, ESA engineering is able to support customers in the design of buildings compliant with digital connectivity requirements, guaranteeing the client a design that focuses on the quality of digital infrastructures to ensure maximum speed and efficiency at the service of future tenants.