MEP Systems Design (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumping Systems)

For 30 years, ESA engineering has been offering system engineering design services, commonly referred to as MEP design (from the acronym Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) .

The following concerns the planning, design and management of MEP systems. Our professional consultation can accompany the building throughout all stages of the construction process, from initial decision-making processes, cost estimation and planning, to the design, project management specialists and final testing.

MEP systems represent the nervous system of a building, a key factor in determining the comfort of future occupants. The consultancy of an integrated team of mechanical, electrical and water and sanitation engineers transforms a building into a welcoming and liveable space for future users.

The technological systems category includes systems used by the building including:

Mechanical systems:

  • Air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems;
  • Fire prevention systems;
  • Systems to regulate, supervise and control mechanical systems.

Electrical, special and safety systems:

  • Common electrical systems (lighting and FM);
  • Emergency lighting system;
  • Atmospheric discharges collection system;
  • Data transmission system – voice;
  • Fire detection system;
  • CCTV system (video surveillance, sound system, intruder alarm system, intercom and access control);
  • Voice evacuation systems (EVAC);
  • Dispersing system (earthing system);
  • BMS management and general supervision system;
  • Electrical systems serving the mechanical system;
  • Photovoltaic system.

Water-Sanitation Systems:

  • Water and sanitation systems for the preparation and supply of cold and hot water;
  • Systems to collect and drain wastewater and sewage water inside the building;
  • Rainwater collection and drainage systems;
  • Irrigation systems;
  • Rainwater recovery system for Dual and/or Irrigation use.


ESA engineering is known for a consolidated experience in the retrofitting of buildings, both in the commercial and industrial sectors. The experience gained in system design allows us to achieve high standards of energy efficiency, while respecting the constraints related to the context and history. Retrofitting is the key to preserving the original appearance of historical complexes, allowing them to evolve under the banner of modernity and sustainability.

Design & Construction supervision

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With 30 years of experience and over 6 million square metres of designed surfaces, ESA engineering has consolidated its reputation over the years as a trustworthy partner in MEP System Design

ESA’s professionals are fully able to manage all types of construction projects during each their stages, from the strategic planning and design phases, to management and commissioning, meeting all the needs of the construction process: request for building permits, project management, tenders, MEP Project Management Specialists and testing, up to the planning of maintenance operations.

Thanks to the broad technical knowledge on problems and the multidisciplinary spirit of its structure, ESA engineering is able to provide assistance and direct the Customer towards the solutions most suited to them, developing ones both unique and customised.

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