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Façade Engineering

The facade represents, by definition, the element of greatest relationship with the surrounding environment, the face of a building. At the same time, the latter is strictly interconnected with all other “internal” components of the building (the structure, air conditioning, lighting, acoustics…), calling for inclusive design across all the various branches involved.

Furthermore, the facade of a contemporary building is configured as one of the most expensive elements in its construction, accounting for up to 35% of the total construction costs.

In light of these observations, facade engineering can be defined, with good reason, as the science of solving aesthetic, environmental and structural problems, in compliance with sustainability goals, regulatory and safety requirements and the expectations set by the architectural project and by the client.

The facade design must, in essence, be framed in a holistic approach, aimed at finding the right balance, thanks to complex modelling and simulations, between energy efficiency, safety, lighting design and acoustic performance, not forgetting the design implications related to durability, sustainability, structural capacity and compliance with economic objectives.

Our goal is to select the construction systems most suitable to the aesthetic design intentions, while satisfying regulatory, budget and feasibility constraints and collaborating with the architects involved to optimise performance and constructability.

Specialist activities and consultancy

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Thanks to the broad technical knowledge of its professionals and the multidisciplinary spirit of its structure, ESA engineering is able to provide specialised consultancy services to direct the Customer towards the solutions most suited to them. We achieve the best results in complex projects and provide unique and customised solutions.

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