Progettazione Architettonica Esecutiva - ESA-engineering

Executive Architectural Design

The executive architectural design represents the third and last of the three design stages (preliminary, definitive, executive).

The executive architectural design will incorporate the changes and insights required to draw up the documentation useful for the tender with levels of definition that allow the works to be quoted by the Manufacturing Companies.

The executive project, drawn up in compliance with the final project as well as with the requirements dictated at the time of issuing the authorisation and/or environmental compatibility certificate, constitutes the engineering of all processes and, therefore, defines fully and in each architectural, structural and system engineering detail the operation to be carried out. The executive project determines every detail of the projects to be carried out and the relevant expected cost and must be developed at a level that allows each element to be identifiable by form, type, quality, size and price.

During this stage, all general and specific reports, graphical drawings, metric calculations, safety plans and all useful and necessary documentation will be produced,, so that the project may be considered “feasible”.

During the Executive Architectural Design stage, the safety and coordination plan (PSC) is drawn up, which is a complementary document to the executive project and which is usually provided by the Safety specialist.

The site operations plans, procurement plans, as well as the calculations and graphs relating to temporary works typical of the construction project requested to the contracting companies are excluded.

Design & Construction supervision

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ESA engineering professionals work throughout all stages of the design and construction of a building, from the feasibility study to the actual construction and installation. Our professionals are able to effectively define and coordinate all factors involved in the design.


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