ESA engineering pays attention to the candidate selection process, recognizing the professional contribution of the people as a fundamental factor of its success. To protect this value, ESA adopts a personnel management policy aimed at creating better living conditions for ESA’s people, in a personal and family context, in a climate of mutual solidarity.

Meritocratic selection criterion

The merit criterion, professional competence, honesty and behavioral correctness is considered the basis for the adoption of any decision concerning the career and any other aspect relating to the employee and the collaborator, rejecting favoritism, nepotism and forms of clientelism and discrimination.

Personnel evaluation is carried out on the basis of the correspondence of the candidates’ profiles with respect to company needs and on merit considerations, and / or protecting equal opportunities for all interested parties and avoiding any form of discrimination. The information requested is strictly connected to the verification of the aspects foreseen by the professional and psycho-aptitude profile, protecting the privacy and opinions of the candidate.

ESA proceeds with the identification and selection of collaborators and consultants with absolute impartiality, autonomy and independence of judgment. Likewise, it rejects any form of discrimination based on sex, race, religion, age, state of health, economic conditions, political and / or trade union membership of its candidates, employees, collaborators, consultants or professionals.

The research and selection of people is aimed at candidates of both sexes, in compliance with Legislative Decree no. 198/2006 and subsequent amendments and the Legislative Decrees n. 215 and n. 216 of 2003 and the current legislation on equal treatment.


ESA engineering is committed to protect and respect everyone’s privacy. As part of the search and selection process, ESA has consequently adopted Company Procedures and Policies in line with the General Regulation of the European Union on data protection (GDPR – Reg Ue 2016/679), in order to guarantee high safety standards. and clear rules on the processing of Personal Data. Candidates are therefore invited to read the Information on the Processing of Personal Data available at this link.

Official channels

If you are looking for job opportunities in ESA, please refer to the “Careers” section of this website where you can consult all the open positions. ESA engineering can also use social platforms such as Linkedin and dedicated websites to spread its job advertisements such as Indeed, but accepts applications only via the official email and always communicates via email through its own official email addresses with the domain “@” and not through different domains (for example “@ or free emails such as Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Rediffmail etc. or SMS or WhatsApp messages.


Sometimes you come across fraudulent advertisements or fictitious solicitations on vacant positions on the web. The purpose of these advertisements is to illegally obtain personal data or confidential information from individuals, as well as to induce individuals to pay a fee for recruiting-related services.

As an engineering and architecture company, ESA engineering does not usually rely on remote working.

ESA does not charge the candidate any costs during the recruitment process and does not send money for the purchase of material / software on its own behalf. Photocopies of identity documents or credit and debit card data are never required as part of the preliminary stages of candidate search.

These clarifications arise from some recent reports on fraudulent job offers found on the web, presented by subjects / entities that have abusively exploited the image of ESA engineering to their advantage. These individuals / entities communicate via fake email IDs and propose fictitious jobs in non-existent ESA offices. In this regard, it is reiterated that all e-mails actually coming from ESA engineering will be delivered from addresses belonging to the domain “@”.

ESA engineering Srl or its foreign companies (ESA engineering UK, ESA France and ESA Middle East), as far as they are interested in the resolution of unpleasant events, cannot be held responsible in any way for the presence on the network of false and fraudulent job offers.

If you are asked by unauthorized persons, who declare to operate in the name and on behalf of ESA engineering, to disclose your personal data or to pay sums of money, consider it as a fraud and immediately contact the competent authorities to proceed with the necessary verifications.

In case of doubts about the authenticity of an e-mail, message, letter or telephone communication presumably coming from, for or on behalf of ESA engineering, we invite you to collaborate with us and report any anomalous event via e-mail to the address  before taking any further action in relation to the correspondence.