Lighting Design

To complete the engineering package offer, at ESA engineering our technicians have many years of experience in Lighting design, so this has become a key contributing factor in the success of our building designs. The architectural lighting design focuses on three important aspects of the illumination of buildings or spaces.

  • First of all, the aesthetics of a building, particularly relevant in the illumination of retail environments. Our lighting designers aim to enhance the general charisma of the design, by adapting the lighting according to the emotions it has to inspire, either by integration into the surrounding space or by making it stand out.
  • Then comes the ergonomic, functional aspect. Our designers carefully evaluate the best ways for a lighting project to be visible (at night mostly, but also at daytime), the impact of daylight on the project, safety issues (glare, color confusion etc.) and all other relevant aspects.
  • Finally, our light designers also take energy efficiency issues into account: lighting energy must not be wasted, whether this be by over-illumination or by illuminating vacant spaces unnecessarily or by providing more light than needed solely for aesthetic reasons.

In detail Lighting Design includes

  • Determining the position and quantity of lighting fixtures, indicating aiming of the spotlights, if needed
  • Evaluating existing lighting system, performance of the lighting fixtures and quality of light-source. Analysis of critical issues and proposing lighting solutions
  • Analysis of colour rendering index, colour components, colour temperature and light source spectrum
  • Artificial and natural lighting calculation with graphic and analytic outputs
  • Photo simulations
  • Design Report Criteria/Strategy
  • Definition/Advising for Lighting Zones/Scenarios
  • General Lighting Project
  • Display Lighting Project (Furniture)
  • Façade Lighting Project
  • Landscape Lighting Project
  • Assistance for the choice of the Manufacturer/s
  • Electrical project for Display Lighting
  • Supervision of the works
  • Final testing, focusing and balancing

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