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Schematic Design

is also called Schematic Design or Preliminary Design. This phase implies the transition from the design concept to the actual realization of a building.

In this phase design concepts will be sufficiently developed in detail so the client is able to evaluate the feasibility of a project or the development potential of a site, or even to select the best conceptual approach.

This stage of a project is carried out to minimize the likelihood of error, manage costs, assess risks, and evaluate the potential success of the intended project.

The Concept Design Phase is likely to include the following tasks:

  • Environmental impact assessment: wind speed, acoustics. etc.
  • Preliminary Architectural, MEP & Structural analysis / design
  • Evaluation of alternatives
  • Preliminary sizing of primary/key elements
  • Preliminary review of utility supply capacity: electricity, gas; telecommunications; water; waste water
  • Indicative specification
  • Value Engineering Review
  • Estimates on a ‘square meter rate’ basis

Building Consultancy

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Our experts at ESA engineering can supervise a building’s design through all its subsequent steps. Building Consultancy provides all design processes, from the preliminary settings to the translation of the design concept into the actual accomplishment of the building.

Our engineers help to define and coordinate all the components featured in the design, providing all the specifications and making them work together.

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