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Planned Maintenance and Condition-Based Maintenance are aimed to prevent or mitigate the consequences of equipment failure. It consists of preserving and restoring equipment reliability, by replacing worn components before they actually fail. Preventive maintenance activities include partial or complete periodic inspections, oil changes, lubrication and others – in short the whole gamut of a full servicing procedure.

The ideal preventive maintenance program would avoid all equipment failure before it occurs. This is the aim of ESA’s Maintenance Plan, specifically designed to preserve the equipment of a Building (designed In-house or not) efficiently.

Building Consultancy

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Our experts at ESA engineering can supervise a building’s design through all the necessary steps. Building Consultancy provides all design processes, from the preliminary stages to the materialization of the building design concept.

Our engineers help to define and coordinate all the components featured in the design, providing all the specifications and making them work together.