Hygiene Consultancy

For both new or existing buildings, at ESA engineering we can carry out a preliminary analysis of all the health requirements concerning occupants, in accordance with Italian regulations and the best international practices.

We can also assess kitchen areas in order to evaluate their compliance with local building plans and regulations.

We also provide services regarding all necessary local permits, the presentation of all applications to the Local Authority (ASL) in collaboration with the Local Architect for each building site required to obtain all pre-validation and final validation documents.

In detail Hygiene Consultancy includes:

  • Preliminary sanitary permits for the building (only for Italy)
  • Preliminary sanitary permits for food and drink provision (only for Italy)
  • Health and sanitary notification at the end of works (only for Italy)
  • Authorization for the use of areas notwithstanding current regulations
  • Radon risk Assessment

Services & Permits

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