Fire Safety Engineering

According to the local regulation of each country where we operate, we carry out a preliminary analysis of the fire requirements for materials and walls, and we help the responsible architect in making the project design compliant with Fire Prevention regulations.

We are usually in constant contact with the Local Fire Brigade and Civil Defence office and manage all the application/approval processes, in collaboration with the Local Architect, in order to obtain all pre-validation and final validation documents. Hereafter the obtained Asseveration and Certification documents are usually provided to the Client.

In detail Fire Safety Engineering includes:

  • Preliminary Evaluation including permits status
  • Fire Load Calculation
  • Fire Strategy Drawings & Calculations (Italian Regulations, French Regulations, British Code, NFPA, International Fire & Building Code)
  • Fire Materials requirements and approval of the materials
  • Project of the Fire Rated Structures
  • SCIA VVF (for Italy)
  • Fire Brigade Permits (for Italy)
  • Fire Brigade Permits with Derogation (for Italy)
  • Supervision of the works for Fire engineering purpose
  • Commissioning of the Systems related to the fire prevention
  • Fire Certifications of the Structures / Materials
  • Fire Prevention statement/declaration (Asseverazione) at the end of the work (for Italy)
  • Smoke Extraction Project (under French regulations and UNI)
  • Smoke Extraction Project (using smoke dynamic modelling system)
  • Renewal of the fire prevention authorization (for Italy)
  • Fire protection systems tests for renewal of the fire prevention authorization (for Italy)

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