Energy Modelling Analysis

Thanks to the energy modelling of buildings, we can evaluate the energy use of a building through simulating and accounting for the many energy related components. For example, we can determine energy use by mathematically simulating the performance of HVAC equipment in response to cooling and heating loads, then calculating the operating costs.

It represents an important tool for efficient design, as it identifies the efficiency requirements necessary to be in compliance with the building process.

Energy modelling and Dynamic Simulation allow for the integration of all consumptions – HVAC, lighting and electrical systems, building envelopes –  into one good energy consumption model.  Once the consumption inputs are obtained, the energy model gives results both as load breakup of the annual energy consumption and as load breakdown of energy consumption.


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Principles of sustainability can be applied to building, design and operations.
Sustainability Consulting means a collection of policies and strategies that can help you save energy, obtain efficient designs, minimize the environmental impact on future generations, and reduce the consumption of scarce natural resources to maintain their availability in the future.