Due Diligence & Code Analysis

Even before you begin designing a building, ESA engineering consultants can help you to evaluate potential and possible risks, from various view points. The results of our feasibility studies allow the Client to make the right decision concerning their proposed project.

Due Diligence is the effort made to validate the compliance with MEP & Structural features of a building provided by the seller to the purchaser and consists of a fundamental technical investigation of a building/area prior to signing a contract.

The Due Diligence is likely to include the following tasks:

  1. Site evaluation / procurement
  2. Survey of existing MEP systems and structures
  3. Preliminary desktop geotechnical study (or preliminary investigation)
  4. Environmental status assessment
  5. Planning restraints evaluation
  6. Regulatory framework evaluation, i.e., reviews of laws, statutes, by-laws, and regulations that may affect the project. This task may include a first contact with the competent authorities to seek guidance / rulings on technical / planning requirements (permits and so on and so forth)
  7. Agreement with the client on the most appropriate form for the delivery of the project (contractor procurement)
  8. Preliminary estimates

At the same time, ESA engineering is able to provide MEP, Structural, Fire Prevention and Acoustic Code Analysis in combination with the Due Diligence, providing the purchaser with a detailed assessment of a potential investment.


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