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Development Design

The aim of the Development Design Phase is to have all the components featured in the design clearly defined and coordinated.

This involves the provision of detailed information, including sketch details of all the significant components with all their inter-relationships.

The Development Design Phase is likely to include the following tasks:

  • Analysis/design of the Architectural, MEP & Structural primary/key elements
  • Detailed review of utility supply capacity: electricity; gas; telecommunications; water; wastewater
  • Planning and evaluating primary / key elements
  • Provision of Drawings of typical and key details
  • Analysis of generic secondary elements
  • Provision of drawings showing the scope/the extent of the secondary elements
  • Provision of generic element-by-element specifications
  • Definition of the elements to be covered by proprietary design (design and/or shop drawings by the Contractor)
  • Testing the serviceability limits and the ‘ultimate limit state’ (or overload) requirements
  • Conducting a Value Engineering Review
  • Highlight the health and safety issues involving the future occupants and for those who will service and maintain the facility
  • Providing ‘element-by-element’ estimates

Building Consultancy

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Our experts at ESA engineering can supervise a building’s design through all its subsequent steps. Building Consultancy provides all design processes, from the preliminary settings to the translation of the design concept into the actual accomplishment of the building.

Our engineers help to define and coordinate all the components featured in the design, providing all the specifications and making them work together.

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