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Construction Administration

also known as Project Supervision phase, will start when building works begin.
Our professionals can help you with inspection, where necessary. It should be noted that shop drawings are provided during this stage by the Contractors.

The Construction Phase is likely to include the following tasks:

  • Construction monitoring/review of quality and consistency with design
  • Review of shop drawings and proprietary design elements
  • Issuing of instructions, variations and change orders
  • Evaluation/negotiation of variations
  • Issuing of payment certificates
  • Preparation of lists of defects

Building Consultancy

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Our experts at ESA engineering can supervise a building’s design through all the necessary steps. Building Consultancy provides all design processes, from the preliminary stages to the materialization of the building design concept.

Our engineers help to define and coordinate all the components featured in the design, providing all the specifications and making them work together.