BIM Design

At ESA engineering we use BIM Design for the coordinated management of major projects.

The Building Information Modelling (known as BIM) is an innovative design approach involving the generation and management of digital representations of the physical and functional characteristics of a facility. The resulting building information models become shared knowledge resources to support the decision-making process. It covers the whole building process, from the earliest conceptual stages, through the design and construction phases, to the facility’s operational life and eventual demolition.

In the Construction industry, BIM Design is known as a 7D Technology:

  • 3D (Space)
  • 4D (Scheduling – Tracing the changes occurring during all the different stages)
  • 5D (Estimating – Recording the units and updating the total costs in case of any on-going changes)
  • 6D (Sustainability)
  • 7D (Facilities’ life cycle and maintenance)

The use of BIM Design goes beyond the planning and design phase of the project: it extends over the course of the whole building life cycle and supports processes, including cost management, construction management, project management and the facility’s operations.

All participants in the building process are constantly challenged to deliver successful projects, regardless of their working conditions (tight budgets, limited manpower resources, accelerated schedules and limited or conflicting information). Architectural, Structural and MEP designers are expected to work in coordination, in order to avoid the overlapping of tasks. Building Information Modelling is helpful in collision detection at the initial stage, as it allows for the identification and the exact location of any discrepancies in the project.

Following is some data highlighting the supremacy of BIM approach in comparison with other systems: up to 30% of time saved during the construction phase and up to 40% fewer errors during the design phase. These achievements are possible when the whole project team (client/ architect/ structural and MEP engineers) uses  BIM technologies.

For all of the above reasons, most projects in the next few years will migrate from CAD to BIM and the time spent on the realization of a design will be further reduced.

Building Consultancy

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Our experts at ESA engineering can supervise a building’s design through all the necessary steps.

Building Consultancy provides all design processes, from the preliminary stages to the materialization of the building design concept.

Our engineers help to define and coordinate all the components featured in the design, providing all the specifications and making them work together.