The Radisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Touring Club

Radisson Hotel Touring Club Milan

ESA engineering is proud to have contributed to the meticulous renovation that transformed Palazzo Bertarelli, the historic headquarters of the Italian Touring Club, into a 5-star luxury hotel of the “Radisson Collection”.

The renovation of the building has preserved the architectural features of the original project by Ing. Achille Binda, who designed and built the headquarters of the then young association of the Italian Touring Club between 1914 and 1915. Today the Palazzo Touring Club boasts more than 89 luxurious rooms, a splendid restaurant that enhances the historic bookshop, a spa, an avant-garde conference room and an internal courtyard with an outdoor area.

The goal achieved by our designers was the complete plant renovation of the historic building with minimal impact. This has made it possible to satisfy the need to make the rooms usable and comfortable, respecting not only all the architectural constraints, but also the aesthetics of the building and the environment.

The creation of the distribution network required an in-depth analysis of the paths and dimensions of the circuits, according to the available technological spaces and the required operating requirements, in a context characterized by a lack of technical rooms.

In this case, the use of water-to-water heat pumps condensed with groundwater has made it possible to have compact generators with very high energy performance positioned in the basement of the building, without interfering with the functions of the hotel and with the urban landscape, eliminating the acoustic impact and the overall dimensions of any equipment on the roof. The use of groundwater with discharge into the canal has allowed the use of an operating temperature delta of 10°C with an increase in the overall efficiency of the system and in the level of environmental sustainability, significantly reducing the flow of the drawn water.

The building has been equipped with a generator which allows the continuity of the essential services of the Hotel, including the kitchen. The placement of the continuity system in the basement was particularly studied by our multidisciplinary team to combine design needs and regulatory compliance. Finally, particular attention was paid to the study of the acoustic comfort of the rooms and the conference room.


Corso Italia, 10 – Milan – ITaly

Completed in 2021

Surface Area: about 6.500 m²

Team di lavoro

  • Client:
    Touring Hotel Srl – IGEFI Group
  • Concept Architect, Project Management, Lead Consultant:
    Studio Marco Piva
  • Brand Operator:
  • Radisson Hotel Group
  • Structural Design; Executive Architect:
    M+S Ingegneria Architettura
  • H&S; Direzione Lavori Generale:
    M+S Ingegneria Architettura
  • MEP Design, Construction Supervision:
    ESA engineering 
  • Acoustic Design:
    ESA engineering 
  • Fire Safety Design:
    ESA engineering 
  • Photo/rendering Credits:;

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