C1L1 Logistic Park Interporto, Fiumicino - Rome. Italy

In order to completely renovate this warehouse in the Fiumicino interport, Logicor made use of innovative construction techniques, applying them on an unprecedented scale. In fact, the solution identified had already been used in the past but never in a logistics warehouse of this size. To stabilize the floor, 1,200 concrete piles were driven into the ground, under the warehouse, reaching a depth of 40 metres, equal to the length of the piles. This has made it possible to raise the capacity of the floor to 5 ton/sqm. The complete overhaul of the systems made it possible to make the structure completely flexible on the basis of the specific requests of the tenants. The structure, in fact, can be divided into 6 independent units of 10,000 square meters each, adaptable to single and multi-tenant needs. The spaces can be completely customized (offices, rooms for forklifts, storage rooms of all types).

Among the main characteristics of the warehouse we point out the 92 loading bays with “cross-dock” functionality, the fire-fighting system with sprinkler tank compliant with NFPA1 standards, the useful height under the beam from 9.25-12.35 m; the roof sandwich panel with vertical skylights for excellent natural lighting, and the depth of the loading area equal to 35 meters.


Fiumicino Interport, Rome – Italy

Completed in 2017

Surface Area: about 62.000 m²

Team di lavoro

  • Client, Project Management:
  • Concept Architect, Project Management:
    Kryalos SGR
  • Executive & Permit Architect:
    SCE Project
  • Structure Design, Construction Supervision:
    SCE Project
  • MEP Design, Construction Supervision::
    ESA engineering 
  • General Contractor:
  • Credits: 
    Kryalos, SCE Project