Torre Velasca Milan - Velasca Tower

Torre Velasca

Piazza Velasca 3,5  Milano – Italia

2020 - In progress

Surface: 34.000 m²

Project Team

  • Client: Prelios Sgr Spa
  • Advisor: HINES Italy RE Srl
  • Concept & Development Architect: ASTI Architetti
  • Executive Architect: Fontana Architetti
  • Project & construction management: PRELIOS Integra
  • Architectural and urban planning coordination: Arch. Luca Mangoni
  • Structural Design, Construction Supervision:CeAS Centro di Analisi Strutturale Srl
  • MEP Design, Construction Supervision & Final Test: ESA engineering 
  • Lighting Design: ESA engineering 
  • Acoustic Design & Final Test: ESA engineering 
  • Fire Safety Design: ESA engineering
  • Environmental design: REEAS – Real Estate Asset & Assurance Service Spa
  • LEED Sustainability Certification: ESA engineering
  • WiredScore Certification: ESA engineering
  • Picture: Gary Ullah from UK – Duomo di Milano, CC BY 2.0, Thomas Ledl, CC BY-SA 4.0, Zairon, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Il progetto

Torre Velasca, built between 1956 and 1958, is one of the most important architectural works of the post-war period and one of the best known in Milan. The BBPR studio designed and supervised the original construction. An innovative structure, modern but able to recall the traditional buildings of the historic center and the Milanese context in which it stands.

The tower rises about 100 meters high and consists of 27 levels above ground and 2 underground floors. The complex is currently undergoing a complete renovation that will give it new life and importance in the skyline of Milan. Inside, different destination activities are planned: commercial activities, restaurants, offices, residences on the upper floors and technical rooms, garage in the basement floors. ESA engineering is working in the fields of MEP Systems Design, Lighting Design and Acoustics, Fire Safety, LEED and WiredScore Certifications.

The air conditioning system will be of the centralized 4-pipe hydronic type in order to guarantee environmental comfort even in intermediate seasons. There will be a gas heating plant and a refrigeration plant with water-cooled refrigeration units with evaporative towers. The electrical system will be powered by several dedicated supplies for each unit, mainly in low voltage from the supplier body, while the electrical system of the condominium services will be powered by dedicated medium voltage supplies.

From the point of view of Lighting Design, the concept stems from the recognition of the value that the Tower has within its city. Only an in-depth and complete study of the building and its architecture can create the basis for a sartorial project that can enhance its meaning and contextualize it in the present. The desire for innovation cannot ignore the historical, monumental, urban and architectural identity of Torre Velasca. Dialogue is the key word that binds contemporaneity and history, innovation and identity and which is inspired by the movement and momentum that the city of Milan itself is experiencing.

The tower project aims at WiredScore and LEED Gold certifications in the New Construction category.

Torre Velasca Milan - Velasca Tower
Torre Velasca Milan - Velasca Tower
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